Wifi makes us sick

    • Wifi is everywhere and we are bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).  In my Youtube video I demonstrate how they make us sick and keep us sick. Learn about the most important tip you can implement to reduce EMF exposure. It doesn’t cost you a penny.
    • ElectroSmog Captured on Video Solutions 
    • Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet           We can’t escape the EMFs when we are not at home, when we are at work, in a restaurant or store, can we? One thing we have control over is the amount of EMFs in our own home and we can create a healthy home environment
    • In this Youtube Video  Symptoms of EMF exposure      I explain in details the symptoms that can occur with electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure. I also give you solutions to the problem.
    • In this Youtube video Cellphones & Breast Cancer        I explain the connection between cell phone microwave radiation and breast cancer.
    • In this Youtube video EMF exposure from a Wifi router            I measured the EMF exposure from her Wifi router.
    •  In this Youtube video EMF exposure drastically reduced with a Faraday cage             I measured the drastically reduced electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure from a Wifi router that sits in a Faraday cage. We need to protect ourselves from EMF exposure wherever possible to get well and stay well.
    • In this Youtube video How to reduce ElectroMagnetic Frequency exposure from a cell phone             I explain explains how you can reduce the electromagnetic frequency exposure from a cell phone.
    • In this Youtube video EMF reduction with my new pouch              I show you the ElectroMagnetic Frequency (EMF) mitigation through my new pouch which also protects from credit card info theft.