Water Is Essential for Life


What is your thought about water? Perhaps, you consider it a super food? If yes, that may sound unbelievable to some people. Why? Because we know about berries, Shiitake mushrooms or Pomegranate to be on the list of super foods. However, water as a super food is something else.

The best water one can drink is spring water, which completed the water cycle from the ocean, to the clouds, into the ground and then comes up at certain places as spring water. Spring water can contribute to healthy living.

There is no doubt that water is essential for our metabolism. Several body functions depend heavily on water. Without water, most of these functions can’t be performed. Below are a few of the functions of water in the body:

  • Detoxification

  • Digestion

  • Acid – Base Balance

  • Holds Minerals, Vitamins & Oxygen during the transport in the blood

  • Gut function – prevention of constipation

  • Supports Temperature regulation

  • Liver and Kidney function

  • Blood building

  • Structure of enzyme building

  • Balance control

  • Immune function

  • Moisturizes the skin

We all know that we can’t live without water for very long. Let me explain what Thomas Hartwig a German nutrition consultant mentioned in his seminar on water.

“If we don’t drink enough water to the point where we are not dehydrated, we can’t digest and use the food we eat.” Mr. Hartwig had a list of consequences that occur when we are dehydrated:

-1% dehydration – thirsty

-2% dehydration – concentration and memory problems

-3% dehydration – dry skin and mucosa, reduces saliva production & urine production.

-5% dehydration – elevated pulse, dizziness, headaches & muscle aches.

-10% dehydration – confusion, swollen tongue, muscle cramps problems.

-20% dehydration – kidney crisis and death

When you consider the fact that seventy percent of our body is water, the above consequences are real. So, think about it for a moment. How much water do you drink during the day?

What kind of water do you drink? Is it bottled water filled with tap water which contains chlorine?

You see, during the night, we are losing water through sweat, breathing and urine production. “If we don’t drink some water right after getting out of bed, we are at about 2% dehydration level throughout the day,” says Mr. Hartwig.

Best time to drink water?

What do you drink in the morning, Coffee, Tea, or Milk? What you drink and time you drink will tell how much you are hydrated during the day.

Our body can’t handle a large amount of water at once. In other words, you can’t drink a ½ gallon of water in the morning and be thinking that you will be hydrated all day long. The body needs water throughout the day, and that means you need to drink at every interval.

My tips

  • Drink one glass of water right after getting out of bed

  • Add electrolytes to your drinking water

  • Drink water throughout the day

  • Don’t drink water with your food; it will dilute the gastric acid.

  • Drink some water prior to going to bed

  • Get a water filter such as the Berkey Filter

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