I would like to send some praise out for the healing that Megasporebiotic did in saving me from the horrible infection called C. Diff. I followed all of the doctors directions and took all of the expensive medications several times. Nothing worked that they gave me. Then I was told that I needed a fecal transplant and would have to pay for 3/4th of it up front before I could have it. I prayed and cried out to God for help. I was already looking up everything that I could find on healing naturally. I just happened to come across Linda Wilbert Stewart on Facebook. I looked at every single one of her posts. I commented on one post asking if there was any thing natural to eliminate the infection C. Diff. To my surprise she said yes ! I was like..Oh Thank you Lord !! Even more to my surprise.she did not live that far away from me. She told me about Megasporebiotic ( A Miracle) . I bought 3 bottles. She came to my house and we discussed my health and diet. She also told me to start Saccharomyces Boulardii + MOS and add Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth to my food. I did this faithfully with every meal. I slowly started to heal. When I ran out I thought I wouldn’t need them anymore. But after being sick with C. Diff for over a year there had been a lot of damage done to my gut. So I called her back and ordered more. I am now on just a maintenance dose of once a day. Linda is extremely knowledgable and very trustworthy. I feel like Megaspore and her advice is what healed me. My doctor was thrilled with what I was taking and that it worked. For any of you that are suffering with C.Diff ( And I do mean Suffering) there is hope and Linda can guide you through this. I have been well now over a year! Most people seem to get it back very easily because C.Diff destroys your immune system. If you take meds for Reflux ..then get off of them and just take 2 to 4 ounces of Aloe Vera juice on an empty stomach and before meals. PPI meds is part of what destroys out gut immune. God bless Megasporebiotic and God bless Linda Wilbert Stewart !! Thank you Linda you are a God send !    Debbie, NC


Linda is very thorough in her discussion and sharing of information.  She walked me through a very difficult time in my healing and shared valuable information to kick start that process.  Linda is very professional and knowledgeable.  I would recommend working with her again in the future. Lory, CA

I was suffering from chronic cystic acne around my chin before working with Linda. I would try and keep a food journal to try and figure out what I was eating that was causing this debilitating condition. The problem is that food sensitivities can show up 72 hours later, and it was too hard to figure out which food item it was. I finally decided to just work with Linda and take the MRT test. I had enough of guessing what foods were causing the cystic acne. When I got the results back, I was surprised about the items I tested sensitive to. I simply removed all those items from my diet, and my face got to its clearest in years within three weeks! No more painful nodules on my face! I’ve noticed that if I eat items from my list, I can feel a reaction on my face coming, so I know the test is accurate. I just stop eating those items, and my face clears again. I highly recommend working with Linda. She is very attentive to detail, and is committed to you having the best results for your condition related to diet. I only wish I did this earlier.    Rich, CA

This has been a year of learning experiences.  I have gone to several doctors over the years. And each time I have come away frustrated with all of them.  They don’t listen or they hear what they want.  I have listened to their advice and stuck with it for years.  I was on BP meds, two diabetic medications, and  Cholesterol meds. when I met Linda.  Linda told me things no one had ever mentioned before.  She told me that from the test results I gave her that I was Gluten intolerant and had leaky gut.  She worked up a protocol and supplements for me. I changed my diet with Linda’s help and the results were incredible.  I  have lost over 50 pounds but, more important than that is I feel so much better.  My children have only known me as a large (size 20-22) person.  They are getting used to the new and happier (size 10) person I am now.  I am off both diabetic meds and cholesterol meds.  My BP meds have been lowered.  Linda is very caring, listens to you and answers all your questions.  She is diligent when giving you advise. She is a wealth if information.  My suggestion for everyone is to listen to Linda’s suggestions and advise, and as the saying goes “Just do it.”  Thank you so much Linda.      Doreen,NC

I suffer from Hashimoto’s Disease and when I started with Linda almost 3 months ago, I had gained a lot of weight, had brain fog, and was extremely tired with absolutely no energy. It took me a lot of effort to get out of bed every morning and I had to take a 2 hour nap every day in order to be able to go through the day. In addition, I also had insomnia, muscle pain, irritability, drastic mood changes, and depression. I knew I needed some help, and conventional doctors where not providing any. When I started with Linda’s program, I was desperate bc I knew I was sick and and I needed to do something about it.
Linda reviewed all my previous tests and tested my adrenals and minerals and sure enough, I had adrenal fatigue stage II, and high mineral imbalances. I started taking all the recommended supplements and applied her stress reduction program: within 2 months I started to feel the difference in my energy levels, and my muscle pain disappeared.
We are still in the healing process, but now I feel completely normal again, I can go through the day with a good energy level, sleep well, and my emotional fluctuations are completely gone. There’s no depression or mood swings, and I’m fully emotionally stable. I also started exercising which is something I couldn’t do before. I’m happy again.
Linda is an excellent professional, very caring, dedicated, and truly cares for her clients. She answers every question with diligence, and offers excellent guidance with the needed protocols. I couldn’t choose a better practitioner and I fully recommend her.
A. Netherlands

I’m so happy to report that the inflammation in my knee is gone and I am able to walk without a cane. Linda recommended to get off gluten and gave me the right kind of supplements. I am 88 years old and not being dependent on a cane is the best thing that happened to me in a long time. I have more energy, can think better, can clean my apartment and cook my own meals.  Elfriede, Germany

I just wanted to send a thank you to Linda for all of the help she has provided while I worked through a severe adrenal fatigue issue. Her ability to order the right tests and then create a personalized plan for me with supplements and diet has helped turn around my exhaustion. She stayed with me even when I could not think clearly. Thank you  so much for caring and for your patience! Day 5 into the MRT (food sensitivity test / see Service  elimination diet and I feel great. Having a few minor detox reactions but the body pain, swelling, inflammation, stomach issues / ALL GONE.I can completely close my fist and my joints are not swollen. I lost 6 lbs. in 12 days 🙂   Sheila, NY

Linda gave me a supplement which was supposed to help me gain muscle strength. I am 89 years old and walk with a cane wherever I go, even in the house. Today, I started walking without a cane, even climbed up the stairs without a problem. This is the greatest gift I could get at my age. I now can walk on the treadmill during the winter months which will keep me fit.  Erwin, Germany

I’d like to thank you very much. After many long years of being bedridden and suffering thousands of symptoms, I am feeling so much better / a lot better / that I can now start living my life again. I can go shopping again, play with my son and life seems positive again. Without you I would never have managed this. I can only recommend your help to everyone. You are really superb. A thousand thank you.   Katja and Jordy, Luxembourg

It’s a shame that this disease (Hashimoto’s) is just pushed aside and we’re pretty much told to just deal with it…/ If it was not for you, Linda, I still would be feeling horrible… I do have my off days still… but you have helped me, educated me, informed me so much more than my endo who is cashing in.  I have been told everything under the sun and in just a few short days and reading lots of info from Linda, I’ve gone from crying on the couch to more and more energy everyday.. and getting better!!!   Kristine

Linda was one of the first people that helped me when I found out I had Hashimoto’s, adrenal fatigue and gluten sensitivity. I was very confused and sick and she pointed me in the right direction with articles to read and information that I needed to get healthy. She is very knowledgeable and if there is something she isn’t sure of, she will look it up and figure it out. I can very annoying with my forgetfulness, but Linda has been very patient with me and just keeps reminding me of what I need to do, reminds me of the information that I am forgetting gently leads me back on the right path for my healing. Any time I have a question about a product, a specific herb or supplement she has always taken the time to answer me and help me find what will work best for me and my body. I will be forever grateful to Linda and all the help she has given me. She is a Godsend for sure! If you are unsure of anything in the health area, Linda can definitely help!    Traci B., MI