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Personally, I use Essential oils for the last 30+ years and they are a stable in my house. Whenever I have a headache or feel a cold coming on, even to calm down the nervous system after being subjected to a lot of stress; essential oils such as peppermint oil, chamomile oil, and tea tree are the best choice for me. They are easy to administer, either through a diffuser or by applying them directly on the skin when you dilute them with a carrier oil such as coconut oil. Check out my Ebook on essential oils.  

Linda's Favorites

Those are my absolute favorite items I personally use to stay healthy and I take with me when I travel.  

I absolutely love Ora Wellness which uses essential oils to keep my gums healthy . Clean water is essential in the toxic environment we are living in, so the Berkey filter is my kind of filter and the best on the market and it even filters out Glyphosate.

I work a lot on the computer and ever since I found the Earthing or Grounding  mat and bands I literary can feel the difference in energy. I use the mat to stand on at my stand-up desk . To protect myself from EMF exposure I use several of the featured products.

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Berkey Water Filter are classified as water purifier. With the Berkey you can filter water strait from the faucet, or from a well and even rivers and lakes. No electricity needed because the Berkey is a gravity filtration device. No chemicals are being used, no complicated hock up or assembly.


How affordable is it to own a Berkey filter? One Black Berkey filtering element has a capacity of 3,000 gallon. Because most Berkey filter have two filtering elements the total capacity is 6000 gallon. If you use four gallon of water per day, your Berkey filtering elements will last about 4 years. What will be filtered out? The Berkey water filter remove pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and chemicals even Glyphosate. Glyphosate will harm the gut lining which is needed to protect us from infections.

Ora Wellness

Gum Disease is caused by bad bacteria in the mouth The ingredients in Ora Wellness Healthy Mouth Blend are: Organic and wildcrafted essentials oils of: ~ cinnamon ~ peppermint ~ spearmint ~ clove ~ myrrh ~ manuka

We are isolated from the Earth by material that are non-conductive. We wear shoes with rubber or plastic soles. We live in houses, drive in cars and never actually touch the ground (the earth) with bar feet unless we are at the beach. The earth gives us an eternal, natural, and gentle energy.
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Essential 3 


To help women who suffer from hypothyroidism and/or Hashimoto Thyroiditis find the underlying causes that drive autoimmune issues and prohibit optimal thyroid function.


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