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Holistic Health Building Program 
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
How I work:

Most clients have no idea what is causing their health complaints. Functional Diagnostic is a kind of health detective work which identifies malfunctions at the causal level and engage the clients in a healing process to  Rebuild, Repair, or Restore normal function to ones cells, organs or systems. It takes time, you didn’t get sick over night either.
Balancing body chemistry, Detoxification, Improving Digestion and Assimilation, and Immune boosting, each comes with challenges that require persistence and possible course corrections.

Communication with me will take place via email, Skype, Doxyme or by phone. Everything you need to start a health program will be delivered to your house and or computer.

I work with clients throughout the United States and Overseas especially in Germany.

Information is key to understand why malfunctions in the body occur and that they lead to symptoms and disease.

As a Functional Diagnostic Practitioner, I assist clients in finding the underlying cause(s) of their health complaints instead of treating the symptoms. I do not diagnose nor treat disease but seek healing opportunities instead.

Blocking factors and hidden stressors can be found using comprehensive assessment forms, and functional laboratory work, that are at the root of dysfunction and imbalances and result in lack of well-being (illness).

Functional Diagnosis focuses on restoring normal function within the main pillars of health; the Hormonal, Digestive, Immune and Detoxification systems.

I focus on healthy foods and other lifestyle changes such as exercise and stress reduction strategies and targeted supplementation.

With compliance from the client we find our methods help restore health, sometimes even in cases where medical conditions once existed. Such outcomes are the norm, not the exception.

 What is FDN ?

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