Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PEMFs) iMRS 2000

A Whole Body Battery Recharger

with Biofeedback System


the iMRS 2000 can help recharge, heal and regenerate the body. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields helps improve

  • Circulation
  • Oxygenation
  • Nutrient absorption
  • ATP (energy) production
  • Sleep
  • Detoxification on the cellular level

The body needs nutrients to heal itself. The iMRS helps deliver the nutrients you eat being  absorbed by the cells.  The human body has about 100 trillion cells, they need nutrients to produce energy and they need to be able to get rid of wast products.

iMRS cell action

The iMRS 2000 just gives the body the energy to due their job.

It is up to you, to eat healthy foods and drink sufficient amount of water.

The earth has a natural magnetic field and you can take advantage of it by laying on the grass in your yard or in a park.  The bad news is that the earth’s magnetic field is only 1/2 as strong as it has been in the past 500 years.

In addition, we spend less and less time outdoors. In fact we spent most of our time in buildings poluted with electrosmog from Wifi. We live next to power lines, work on a computer and use a microwave to heat up our food.

Electrosmog actually blocks the natural frequencies from the earth.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”          -Nikola Tesla

iMRS PEMF demostrated

The whole body mat uses 3 pairs of pure copper coils. 2 pairs at the head, 2 in the middle and 2 at the feet. The pulsed magnetic signals are strong at the feet, and weaker at the head.

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iMRS matt

iMRS base

The iMRS 2000 base – easy to use. You can choose to use the whole body mat, the body pillow or the probe. Time and Intensity can be adjusted to your needs.

Body Clock can be changed from Morning, to Noon to Evening depending on the stimulation you want or need.

The iMRS 2000 comes with a easy to read display.


HRV Biofeedback System  (finger sensor) reads your heart rate, automatically adjusts the intensities of the pulsing, electromagnetic fields.

heart_rate_monitorThis is like putting the iMRS mat on autopilot, as it will intelligently adjust to what the user needs.

The  iMRS 2000 is the ONLY full body mat system with Biofeedback

The Heart Rate Variability monitors the balance and ability of the Autonomic Nervous System to react to changes in the environment.

Over time, the iMORE & iMRS 2000 applicators will be able to train and improve your personal HRV by creating homeostasis in the body.

Also because it gives a unique session every time, you will NEVER experience habituation or diminishing returns like other PEMF devices on the market.


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iMRS 2000 Pillow Pad

one pair of pure copper coils and uses the NASA proven square wave for pain relief, healing, recovery from injury and regeneration.


iMRS 2000 Probe
The iMRS 2000 probeimrs_probe is made of an extremely durable anodized steel. It is used for pain relief, healing, regeneration and conditions that are localized.


iMRS 2000 iGUIDE

is a SD card software program that was once available only to licensed practitioners,
but NOW can be used by anyone.
The iGuide SD card comes preprogrammed with 284 conditions and settings for the pillow, probe and pad which in total is around 3500 pre-programmed variations for all applicators and organ clock settings.

for example:

Acne, ADD/ADHD, Autism Autoimmune disease, Back pain, Cataract, Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), Dementia, Depression,  Diabetes,  Earache, Fever, Fracture, Fybromyalgia, GERD, Immune system support, Inflammation, Insomnia, Low back pain, Migraine headache, Neck pain, Obesity,  Osteoporosis, Pain (acute) Pain (chronic), Peripheral neuropathy, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), Psoriasis, Sport injuries, Tinnitus, Wound healing.

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iSLRS Light and Sound System
an integrated Sound & Light Relaxation System, can best be described as a “spa for your
brain.” It works seamlessly with your iMRS 2000 to

  • melt away stress
  • improve oxygen circulation to your brain
  • deepen your ability to enjoy relaxing
  • restorative sleep,
  • and naturally improve emotional balance without drugs or side effects
  • Mental focus, clarity and productivity improve
  • Irritability gives way to a sense of well-being.

The NEW iSLRS comes with an integrated goggle and earbuds.
Goggles are for visual stimulation. Red, blue and green LED’s with dimmer switch.

The earbuds are for the binaural beats.

Together this light and sound synchronizes both hemispheres of the brain and improves creativity, relaxation, sleep and more!


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