Protect yourself from EMFs

Each year we hear more and more questions about the effects of 5G, wifi, cell phones, cell towers and their link with brain cancer.

The truth is that EMF Radiation IS dangerous, and it’s not only cancer we should be afraid of.  


  • insomnia
  • brain fog
  • anxiety
  • and even our ability to recover from illness.

Are Supplements enough to keep you healthy?

More and more people report that their supplements, diet plans, or exercise routines aren’t keeping them as healthy as it used to. Some people blame it on ‘getting older’…

But, the truth is that trying to stay healthy in this crazy EMF environment is like doing yoga while smoking a cigarette. And with 5G and new technology, the amount of EMF pollution gets worse each year.

Drastically reduce EMF exposure

The good news? There’s proven strategies that can reduce your EMF exposure by 90%. People who follow these recommendations report more energy, less brain fog, better sleep, and much more. Some even realize that EMFs are at the root cause of many of their mystery symptoms.

The name of the online course is ‘Electrosmog Rx – The EMF Health Solution’ Discount expires Friday May 24th

Nick Pineault “The EMF Guy” brought together dozens of leading doctors and EMF scientists to put all of these strategies into an online self-study course.

Don’t despair if you are not a health practitioner. This online course is designed for practitioners and health oriented people in mind.

ELectrosmog is real, learn what you can do to reduce EMFs

For decades, Dr. Klinghardt has been saying that if you want to heal or just stay healthy… you NEED to address EMFs.

And with the 5G rollout well underway, his teachings are becoming more and more critical.

You can learn directly from Dr. Klinghardt inside the “Electrosmog Rx: The EMF Health Solution”: a cutting-edge online course for health professionals and enthusiasts.

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Claim your spot – today and you’ll learn:

  • EMF Basics – What you must know about EMFs to protect yourself and your family.
  • EMF Science made easy to understand – You’ll discover how EMF Radiation from cell phones, wifi, and Bluetooth impacts your body, and exactly how dangerous it is.
  • EMF-Related Symptoms – Learn all the tell-tale symptoms that could be related to EMFs, and discover how to identify if EMFs may be a factor for you.
  • Reduce & Eliminate EMFs – Discover how to dramatically reduce your EMF exposure in your home and office.
  • The EMF Recovery Protocol – Famous chronic disease Doctor Dietrich Klinghardt shares his EMF protocol including supplements, foods, and lifestyle interventions which can help reverse EMF-related symptoms.

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Everywhere else I’ve seen EMFs discussed, it’s always confusing or overwhelming. I like how Nick has brought together the leading experts to create a simple-to-understand online course. This is information that everyone in the world needs to know.


Linda Wilbert – Stewart, FDN-P

P.S. I spoke with Nick, and he said that he’s developed a new Module that goes into details about 5G, what it is, how it can affect us, and what you can do about it. Sign up to get the 5G bonus module.

EMF course
Dr. Ben Lynch is EMF-aware, and agrees that EMFs play a role in the health of every single patient he sees.

He’s also personally very sensitive to the effects of EMF radiation, and has taken important measures to reduce his exposure and protect his family.

The good news is that you can do the same as Dr. Lynch and arm yourself with knowledge — everything you’ll ever need to know about EMFs.

It’s all inside “Electrosmog Rx: The EMF Health Solution”: a complete online course for health professionals and enthusiasts.

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Dr. Dan Pompa and his certified practitioners very regularly see people who suffer from EMF-related symptoms.

Very common symptoms include insomnia, depression, anxiety, brain fog and fatigue.

Learn how to recognize these symptoms in yourself and your family and minimize your EMF exposure. This new course “Electrosmog Rx: The EMF Health Solution” teaches you exactly how.

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