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Bake Whole Grain Sourdough Bread

Step-by-Step Illustrated Instructions

The only book you need to start your journey into baking Sourdough bread


This book will teach you:

  • How to create your own Sourdough
  • How to take care of it and keep it for a very long time
  • The procedure of baking sourdough bread
  • How to create your sourdough bread dough
  • How to knead bread dough
  • How to create different bread shapes
  • How to bake sourdough bread
  • Recipes for one loaf, two loaves and four loaves for the busy person:
  • 12 Bread Recipes & 8 Bread Recipes for the busy person
  • 3 Baguette Recipes
  • 2 Roll Recipes

Check out the Content of the book:

How to use this book!

What is the difference between American & German Bread?



Storing your Bread

Freezing your Bread

Defrosting your Bread

What is Sourdough?

Sourdough is a leavening agent

Sourdough helps your digestive system

Sourdough changes the flavor of the bread

Sourdough is a preservative

Sourdough – Home Made

Test it! Is it Sourdough?

What is a warm Place?

How to take care of Sourdough

Feed Me!

Sourdough has several stages

Bread Baking – the Principle

Making a Sponge

The Kneading Process

Spices and Herbs: Different Kinds, Different Breads

Different Bread Shapes


Basic Wheat Bread

Wheat Bread with Seeds

Wheat – Milk – Bread (slightly sweet)

Buttermilk – Grain Bread

3 – Grain Bread

Multigrain Bread

Farmers Bread

Rye – Wheat 50/50

Ezekiel Bread

White Wheat Baguette

Garlic Baguette

Onion Baguette

Raisin Bread

Raisin – Chocolate Chips Bread

Müsli Bread

Recipes for the busy Person using a Bread Dough Mixer

Basic Wheat Breads – Four Loaves

Sunflower Seed Bread – Four Loaves

Multigrain Bread– Four Loaves

One Dough Two different kind of Bread

Basic Wheat Bread Two Loaves / Sunflower Seed Bread Two Loaves

Raisin Bread – Two Loaves

Raisin – Chocolate Chips Bread / Two Loaves

Müsli Bread – Two Loaves


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