Perfect Iodine

Perfect Iodine in a liquid solution which can be easily digested.

It can be taken internally or topically

Perfect Iodine is now offered in a larger bottle at a higher concentration rate of 300ppm, providing you with 60mcg per spray

Suspended in distilled water

Refill into a spray bottle (which comes with the bottle of iodine)

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Mined in the deserts of southern Chile, Refined and Suspended in distilled water.

Perfect Iodine can be used internally or topically as a skin cleanser.

Many people also keep iodine in their emergency kit for its various uses in home remedies and survival situations.

Iodine is found inside every single one of your 100 trillion cells, is used in every hormonal receptor in your body, and is the essential trace mineral that supports your body’s thyroid — regulating your metabolism — vital to power your salivary glands, stomach, pancreas, cerebral spinal fluid, brain and even your I.Q.

Each serving delivers 150 mcg of bioavailable iodine to your body. The national institute of health recommends adults get 150 mcg of iodine from their diet to remain within healthy levels



*Iodine for Diabetes; Dr. George Flechas discovered iodine can reduce
insulin need in diabetics, with half his patients studied able to
completely eliminate their glucose medications, while the other
half were able to reduce amounts and/or number of medications needed
to control their diabetes.

*Iodine kills influenza; In a study by Nobel Prize winner
Sir McFarland Burnet, mice were exposed to lethal effects
of influenza, via viral mists. Death however was prevented
by putting iodine solution on mice snouts just prior
to placing them in chambers containing the influenza viruses.

*Iodine vs Antibiotics; When antibiotics were introduced as goto
treatment for disease, iodine therapy simultaneously vanished.
Therapeutic actions of iodine being antibacterial, anticancer,
antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-parasitic.

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