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EMF Safety Store

Find products to protect yourself from ElectroMagnetic Frequency exposure

  • Laptop protection with a USB Ground Cord  
  • Shielded Network Cable also called Ethernet cable to connect your computer or laptop to the router instead of using Wifi  
  • Smart Meter Shield Kit 
  • Router Guard (Faraday cage) 
  • WaveCage™  a large Faraday cage, it permits only a fraction of the RF radiation to penetrate
  • Shop EMF protection and shielding : Belly Blankets & Less EMF Travel Blankets, Bedding
  • Shop EMF Meters     to measure EMFs in your house (Radio Frequency or Magnetic Frequency), office or in a hotel coming from different wireless devices, from electric devices such as a lamp, microwave, and electric outlets

             Trifield Meter   measures RF up to   6GHz

             Handy Meter is a “Sweeping device”       which just shows you high or low exposure to MF or RF

             Cemprotec 34 measures RF up to 10GHz

  • iPad Pouch  Perfect for iPads, Tablets, and Small Notebook Computers  
  • Shielding Gloves for everyone who experiences symptoms in their hands from EMF exposure
  • Air Tube Headset for iPad or other cell phones, tablets 
  • Cup holder mounts for phones & GPS devices 
  • Shielded Cap to protect your head from radio frequency exposure & other Shielded Garments
  • Ultra Low EMF Telephone (under category Low EMF Appliances)



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