do you know that it contains

a lot of health beneficial

minerals and vitamins?


with a lot of information


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I love Parsley but didn't know that it contains so many nutrients. Linda provides so much information I'm happy to have found her


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Anouk, Netherlands
Really liked what I've learned about parsley. It's really very good information for detoxification and general health.

About Linda...

Linda is the owner of Exclusively Holistic and is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner® (FDN-P).

  • Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with diplomas in Herbal Remedies, Anatomy & Physiology, Internal Cleansing and Detoxification from the Natural Healing College.
  • She is a Certified Health Coach from Beyond Organic University,
  • took classes in Functional Blood Chemistry.
  • Module one & two MTHFR, Methylation & Biochemistry master course,
  • Module three Estrogen Methylation and Detoxification master course.
  • Certified Brain Health Coach from Amen University
  • She graduated in Germany as an Occupational Therapist in 1988.
  • Linda specializes in one-on-one counseling and education for people with digestive system issues, food sensitivities, hormone imbalances, inflammatory and immunological problems, and fatigue. Linda was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease Hashimoto Thyroiditis in 2009. She dealt with adrenal issues, insulin resistance, brain fog, digestive problems, and muscle pain to the degree that she was not able to care for herself. She practices meditation on a regular basis to maintain her well being. She loves to garden and grow her own organic vegetables, herbs and some fruits. She constantly expands her knowledge of new findings in the world of whole foods, herbs, and supplements to assist people on their journey to a healthier and more fulfilled life.
The information provided in this presentation is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information and not to be seen as medical advice.
I encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your own research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

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