Methylation part II

Now that we know from my previous article what methylation is and which factors can help normal methylation function, the question arises:  is it really necessary to spent money on a gene test?

Yes and No.

First you need to think about the reason you would like to have a gene test done. Are you suffering from one of the chronic conditions I listed in my first article?

Would you like to have fewer symptoms or be symptom free such as from muscle pain or brain fog? The same symptom can be caused in different people by different mechanisms.

So, we need to play detective and find the underlying cause

or causes.  

If you are having digestive issues, then you need to consider other tests first, such as a parasite test and/or a food sensitivity test.

If you are tired all the time a thyroid blood test may be the first option to consider and then an adrenal saliva test.

But to really get to the root of dysfunction in the body, a gene test can be very helpful by identify methylation issues.

There are different kinds of gene tests such as the MTHFR test by itself or through 23andme which tests for a lot of gene mutations.

If you suspect a problem with your neurotransmitters for example then you may want to know if you have a mutation in the COMT and MAOA  gene, which is not tested through the MTHFR of course. In this case the 23andme gene test is the right test.

Minerals such as magnesium and selenium can be easily tested via a hair analysis. These minerals are cofactors in methylation cycles, so you want to have optimal level of those.

Gene tests such as the 23andme

You need to know and keep in mind that a gene mutation does


mean that the methylation process is not working.

You can’t compare a gene test to a blood or urine test. Say your fasting glucose level is high, well, then you know you could try to eat low glycemic foods, and maybe take some supplements in order to correct this problem. In the case of gene mutations, you need to know if YOUR body is actually having a problem with the enzymes produced by the genes which have a single or double mutation. The gene may work partially or not at all, and unless you get specific blood tests or a urine test done, you are only guessing.

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