Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

We all experience health issues from time to time. More and more people have chronic conditions and want to become healthier.

But where do we even begin to improve our health? When I ask my clients to list their three main complaints, they tell me, Linda, I have so many symptoms I can’t possibly select just three.

Maybe it is not so much about symptoms; maybe it is all about creating an environment to live in where our body can start repairing itself. Symptoms are just that, they are an indicator that your body is not doing well. Different people with the same condition can have different symptoms. Every body has its weak spots and that is most likely where symptoms pop up.

So, what do I mean by creating a healthier environment? The main reason why people get sick is from gut issues and electromagnetic frequency bombardment. It is that simple.

In an interview with Dr. Klinghardt he explained that his patients who suffer from chronic conditions such as Autism, MS, and other neurological conditions get better when they create a healthy, low EMF home environment.  

The list of symptoms from EMF exposure is endless. Mostly neurological symptoms are being reported. I don’t want to repeat what I already explained in my video “Symptoms from EMF Exposure”.  Please go to the link (Youtube video) and watch the video or listen to it while you fold your laundry or wash the dishes. I know, most people don’t have much time these days, but it is always possible to listen to a video while doing other things that doesn’t involve concentration.

We are all negatively influenced by electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Scientific studies have shown that symptoms of fibromyalgia, fatigue, memory problems are exhibited by people back in 1991. We didn’t have 4G technology back then, we had 2G, which is not as strong as 3 or 4G. (G standing for generation). People around the world, from Sweden, Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, United States, reported in 1991 that they consider themselves to be electrosensitive. That means, that they had some kind of symptoms, mostly fatigue or memory problems from EMFs.  Since then more and more people are reporting being sensitive to EMFs. This is not surprising since we are bombarded with EMFs nowadays.

Screenshot of the map of the USA and the available cellphone towers in 2006 – 2009
and in 2009 – 2015 by

We can’t escape the EMFs when we are not at home, when we are at work, in a restaurant or store, can we? One thing we have control over is the amount of EMFs in our own home and we can create

A healthy home environment:

  • the easiest solution is to turn off the router every time you don’t need Wi-Fi , especially at night time if possible, so you can sleep better. (this is easy to do and doesn’t cost you a penny)
  • Distance yourself from the source of Wi-Fi. If you have the router in your bedroom, remove it and put it into your garage or in a room furthest away from bedrooms.
  • If you can’t turn off your Wi-Fi, or your spouse is not on board protecting the family, put the router into a Faraday cage
  • Connect your laptop or pc with an Ethernet cable to the router
  • Turn off wifi on your laptop when you connect it with an Ethernet cable to the router and turn on airplane mode
  • Ground your laptop if it doesn’t have a 3 prong plug with a grounding cable
  • Don’t put your laptop on the lap. I have no idea why it is even called a laptop. We are being sold convenience and safety is being left out. The EMFs from the laptop bombard your gut and reproductive areas. Place the laptop on a table; keep as much distance to the laptop and pc as possible.
  • Get a cellphone case to carry it when you are out and about.
  • Use airtube headsets (or here) when you make a phone call on your cellphone
  • Put your cellphone on airplane mode as often as possible and especially when you are in the car

Try to implement as many of those tips as possible. You may be surprised to find out that you sleep better when you turn off the router at night.

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