Important information about COVID

There is much to say about the COVID situation. Here are some very important facts that you can research on your own.

  • Doctors came out to tell us that they are supposed to mark any death from any cause as a COVID death.   Here is one example of an Illinois doctor who explains how COVID deaths are counted during a press briefing. 
  • Dr. Birx said that they are very liberate with counting COVID death. If someone died and also was assumed to have COVID, this person is being counted as a COVID death (even though they died of something totally unrelated like a car accident).
  • I urge you to inform yourself about the upcoming COVID vaccine. The link to Dr. Carrie Madej’s Youtube video was removed. ( This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.) She explains what this vaccine most likely does to your body.
  • We already know that vaccines contain Mercury, Aluminum and some even aborted fetal tissue.    If you like to get information that is based on research then I recommend Del Bigtrees website The HighWire. His Youtube channel has been deleted.
  • In addition Del posted a video on the reduction of oxygen while wearing a mask. He tested the CO2 emission behind a mask while his son is wearing it.
  • When you encounter someone who is wearing a mask you may have noticed that it is very difficult to read their facial expressions. This prevents us from communicating properly and we most likely avoid making contact with other people.
  • Then you have the flip-flopping statements about the benefit of wearing a mask. Dr. Fauci comes to mind in regard to not only the mask “problem” and vaccine pushing.
  • If you can’t wear a mask because of health issues and wearing one puts your health at risk, I suggest to go to Citizens For Free Speech. You even could order a card and lanyard that explains why you don’t have to explain and that you are protected by HIPPA 
  • Nobody from the COVID task force talks about our immune system and what we can do to keep it healthy. Why is that? Although, Dr. Birx mentioned once, standing at the microphone during a White House press briefing on COVID: Keep your immune system healthy. 
    Well, that was it, nothing else. Why is everyone talking about drugs and the race for a vaccine? $$$ is the answer and if you look at what Bill Gates says then you know where this is going.
  • I wrote an article about what we can do besides washing our hands every 30 min. and not touching anyone else and our mouth or eyes.
    You can read my article which I wrote in Jan 2020  here Coronavirus outbreak 2020    
  • and the second article Coronavirus Next Step To Preparedness
  • The movie PlanDemic a film about the global plan to take control of our lives, liberty, health & freedom.
  • Last but not least I want to introduce you to Prof Dr. Med Sucharit Bhakdi a microbiologist at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in Germany.
    He talks the truth about the COVID pandemic, masks, vaccines and “social” distancing.
    Dr. Bhakdi is German and all his videos are in German with English subtitles.
  • Here is his open letter to the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. (in German and English available)

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