EMF Reduction

How To Reduce ElectroMagnetic Frequency Exposure In Your House

Where did you place your router?


Is it in your living room? I hope it’s not in your bedroom. In any case, as long as the router
is turned on it transmits Electromagnetic frequencies.

We all know that our computer can detect Wifi signals from our neighbors. That proves that those
signals have a far reach and go through walls. Of course our neighbors Wifi signal is not as strong as
the one that comes from our own router.
But if you sleep on the opposite site of the wall where your neighbor placed his router, you are subjected to this signal at night.


Turn off your router at night. You can either unplug it or use a timer to turn off the electricity to the router automatically during the time you sleep. That way you don’t forget to disable your router.
Another option is to connect your laptop or computer with an Ethernet cable to the router and disable Wifi on your router. If you don’t want to turn off Wifi on your router but still want less EMF exposure, you can use an Ethernet cable for your laptop and/or computer and put the router in a router guard also called
Faraday cage.
In regard to your neighbors router signal you may be able to talk to them and explain the danger of EMF exposure, especially at night. If they are willing to turn off their router at night time you not only reduced your EMF exposure but theirs as well.

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