EMF & Glyphosate

the dangerous combination

EMFs are electromagnetic frequencies, emitted from a router, cellphone, laptop, or any other wireless device. Magnetic frequencies are emitted from wires such as a wire for a lamp that sits on your nightstand. 

The health effects of EMFs have been tested in the 1970s – 1990s. I will report on this in another article. 

What we know is that EMFs open calcium channels called VGCCs or Voltage Gated Calcium Channels on the cells in our body. The result is an influx of calcium into cells where it does not belong in high concentrations.


When we combine EMF exposure with chemicals such as Glyphosate we have the perfect storm, as I call it.


Glyphosate, commercialized under the brand name Roundup, is recognized for its herbicidal properties and widespread use in agriculture to manage weeds. When applied, glyphosate targets an enzyme essential for plant growth, which is not found in humans or animals. Consequently, it’s considered less harmful to them.

which is sold as Roundup and sprayed by millions of people on weeds that grow on their lawn, kills gut bacteria. But this is not all, it also influences calcium levels inside our cells.

However, concerns have been raised about its potential health effects. For instance, as mentioned in the provided content, glyphosate exposure might influence calcium levels within cells. A referenced study, “Roundup disrupts male reproductive functions by triggering calcium-mediated cell death in rat testis and Sertoli cells,” highlights that glyphosate can increase intracellular Ca(2+) concentration by opening voltage-dependent Ca(2+) channels, leading to cellular dysfunctions.

These concerns are amplified when the chemical is considered in combination with other environmental factors, such as EMFs, which have been suggested to also influence the function of Voltage Gated Calcium Channels (VGCCs).

As the discussion on the safety of glyphosate continues, reducing exposure to it through various means—like opting for organic produce, avoiding its use in home gardening, and ensuring it’s not present in drinking water—can be prudent steps for those looking to minimize any potential health risks.

While it is widely used and has been deemed safe by numerous regulatory agencies worldwide, it’s always important to consider personal health preferences and stay informed about new research and regulations concerning products containing glyphosate.


I found this pubmed article:

Roundup disrupts male reproductive functions by triggering calcium-mediated cell death in rat testis and Sertoli cells.

In short, this article states that Glyphosate increases intracellular Ca(2+) concentration by opening voltage-dependent Ca(2+) channels. 
If you follow me through subscribing to my Social Networks, you heard me talking about this for a while. 
              EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) effect the VGCCs = voltage gated Calcium channels on the cell membrane. By opening them calcium can flood into the cell uncontrollably (where it doesn’t belong in high concentrations).
Too much Calcium in cells increases free radical production and reduces ATP (energy) production by the mitochondria. 

Combine Glyphosate, which increases intracellular Calcium with EMFs which increases intracellular Calcium
you have the perfect storm I’m talking about. 

It is difficult to get the calcium out of the cells, but much easier to prevent the influx of calcium in the first place. 
How do you do this?

  • Reduce Glyphosate wherever possible
  • especially in drinking water
  • Reduce Glyphosate containing foods. Commercially sold Wheat for example is dowsed with this chemical. Organically grown fruits and vegetables contain less Glyphosate then commercially grown.
  • Reduce EMF exposure wherever possible – you’ll find information about this on my Youtube channel    and here
  • Keep your distance as much as possible from wireless devices
  • Put your laptop on airplane mode and use an Ethernet cable to connect to the router
  • Connect all computer in your house with an Ethernet cable to your router
  • If this is not possible, put your router in a Faraday cage 
  • Use a cellphone sleeve to reduce the EMF projected toward your body

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The information provided on this website is not meant to substitute professional medical advice. Consult your health care provider in regard to supplementation, especially if you are on any kind of medication.


Roundup disrupts male reproductive functions by triggering calcium-mediated cell death in rat testis and Sertoli cells.
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Note: Before making any significant changes to your health practices or the management of your environment, consulting with a healthcare professional is recommended.