Correct Thyroid Blood Test

Why would a physician not order the correct thyroid blood test?

Recently I saw a PA, after the car accident I was involved in, to get my thyroid panel done.

You all know that stress influences the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal axis and H-P-Thyroid axis in a negative way which can cause low adrenal function as well as low thyroid hormone output.    (if you don’t know what the HPA-HPT axis is, please go to my website, contact me and ask for the ebook on Hypothyroidism).

So, I asked the PA to run a thyroid panel and knowing that most of them don’t order the correct tests, I also asked which blood markers she would usually run.

Her reply was that she tests the TSH and Free T4.

To my request wanting the Free T3 and TPO antibodies as well, she said:  You don’t need the Free T3 and why would you like to the TPO antibodies tested?

I asked her why she thinks that the Free T3 doesn’t need to get tested.

You will not believe her answer: Free T3 is not important since the active form of thyroid hormone is Free T4. The thyroid produces Free T3 which gets converted into Free T4. WHAT?

I almost exploded and told her that Free T3 is the active thyroid hormone, which enters the cells and is necessary in every cell of the body.

She insisted that her statement was correct and told me that I got this backwards.

I had a hard time composing myself and just replied “you got this backwards and I would suggest you read your medical books again.”

At the next visit she showed me on her phone the source of her knowledge about thyroid hormones. She mentioned it is  or something like that. It actually states that Free T3 is the main hormone produced by the thyroid gland which then is converted into Free T4.

I was speechless / well I also still suffered from dizziness from the concussion and just wanted to go home, so I didn’t want to get into a big discussion about her false information.

When I asked her if the lab results came in, she mentioned yes, they are normal. I told her the TPO antibodies can’t be normal yet. Her reply: They (whoever they is) don’t test the antibodies when the labs were normal.

I never ever heard of such a stupid explanation in all the years since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.

So, what is going on here or with other physicians who just test the TSH, and antibodies only once to diagnose Hashimoto’s.

A friend of mine is an Endocrinologist in Switzerland. She told me that her textbook contained two (2) pages about Hashimoto Thyroiditis.

Well, that says it all. Our physicians usually have no knowledge about thyroid hormone conversion problems; therefore they don’t test the Free T3 or reverse T3.

They also wouldn’t know what to do if they would suspect a conversion problem, would they?

They only diagnose diseases and then prescribe drugs.

In regard to Hashimoto’s it means that they only have to test the TPO antibodies once to get paid by the health insurance for the hard work they did on their patients.

After that they just prescribe thyroid replacement hormones and if the blood levels of TSH, Total T4 and Total T3, maybe Free T4 are falling into the lab ranges, then they did their work and the patient should be fine and not complain.

My intention to get the TPO antibodies tested is based on the fact that I got them down from over 15K to 123. One year later they increased to 1400 and my best bet was the re-activation of   Epstein Barr Virus.  Ever since I knew this I was supporting my immune system in different ways which I will talk about in another newsletter.

My explanation for the inexcusable behavior of the PA is that the pharma industry is educating physicians to make even more profit and keep people sick, keep them on prescription drugs and make them coming back with more “side” effects to get more drugs.

In order to understand this part I suggest the interview by Sean Croxton with. Gerald Roliz, an Ex- pharma rep.

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