Why didn’t my adrenal gland function suffer after the car accident?

During my first visit to the chiropractor after the car accident I almost fainted after 5 seconds of traction (no adjustment due to inflammation). My body couldn’t handle the additional stress, which is no wonder after the sales person from Crown Ford, Fayetteville, NC caused an accident with me being the passenger. A pickup truck hit the drivers side at 40 miles/hr.

Three weeks ago I saw my chiropractor again. He was amazed about my progress in regard to adrenal issues and he asked what I did in order to tolerate not only the adjustment but traction and muscle stimulation as well.

Why are my adrenals not crashing after a car accident that could have caused extreme fatigue?
1) I took good care of myself before the accident with

  • healthy foods
  • eating according to the circadian rhythm,
  • exercise,
  • gardening,
  • blood sugar regulation,
  • going to bed early and getting up early etc.

2) I supported the hypothalamus-adrenal – axis with herbs, which I take from time to time.
3) I support my immune system and gut health with the right kind of foods, and take
MegaSporeBiotic which prevents leaky gut and fights invaders who could potentially make me sick.

4) I meditate on a regular basis

5) At night I look back at my day

  • positive events
  • negative events
  • try to find a solution to the negative events (if I can’t I write down what I would like to work on)

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