Probiotics – the Truth and the Misconception of Re-Seeding the Gut

 Probiotics being used to Re-Seed the Gut  

The hypothesis of the probiotic industry is that we can re-seed the gut with the good bacteria. They use the same model as we would re-seed a bare spot in our lawn. You take a few grass seeds, sprinkle it on the dirt, water, fertilize and it grows back to a full lush lawn.

Taking probiotics orally with factory grown strains of bacteria to re-seed the gut is simply



You probably heard about the Human Microbiome Project, which taught us a lot about the microbiota which we didn’t know before.

What do we know about Probiotics?

  • We know that they keep the bad bacteria in check
  • We know that we receive ALL of the lactobacillus and bifidobacterium species that we currently have in our gut, from our mother. They are called commensal bacteria.
  • We know that we receive those bacteria during child birth by passing through the vagina, through mother’s milk, through skin to skin contact with our mother, father and other family member.
  • We know that after 838 days after birth, we have our own, unique set of gut microbes, which is basically our adult microbiota.
  • We know that food influences the gut microbiota for the better or worse.
  • We know that our lifestyle influences the microbiome. Stress would be a negative influence, while relaxation would be a positive.
  • We know that antibiotics kill all kinds of strains in the gut, the good and the bad.

How did our Ancestors get their Probiotics?                                                  

  • Our ancestors lived from the land as hunters and gatherers
  • They searched for roots. They had to dig up the dirt to get to them and were exposed to lots and lots of bacteria and spores that lived in the dirt.
  • They did not go home and scrub their hands and cleaned their fingernails to get rid of bacteria
  • They did not use anti-bacterial soap or gels
  • They ate the animals they hunted which ate the natural grass
  • So our ancestors were exposed to environmental organisms every day

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Bacillus species


You may know that we humans are more bacteria then human.

Let me explain. We have about 10 trillion human cells in our body and 100 trillion bacterial cell.

So Bacterial genes outnumber human genes 150 to 1 (25,000 human genes vs. 3.3 million microbial genes.

One of these species is the Bacillus species.

They live in the human gut and use the environment in spore form as a place to transfer from host to host.

This means they can live in an aerobic, which is the environment, as well as in an anaerobic world, the GI tract.

Bacteria love the GI tract; it is warm, moist, and provides lots of food.

Benefit of a healthy microbiome in particular the Bacillus Species

  • They train and modulate the immune system by stimulating the lymphoid tissue in the gut. Bacillus species help to improve T and B- cell function and the adaptive immune system and reduce inflammatory processes.
  • They help us digest food. Protease, peptidase, lipase, cellulose, amylase, lipase, lactase and pectinase are probably familiar names to you. You probably have a digestive enzyme supplement at home that includes all or some of those.  Guess what, Bacillus species produce those digestive enzymes I listed above. They also digest starches and non-starch polysaccharides (cellulose from plants such as broccoli) without producing any gas.
  • They help balance the microbiota. Bacillus species keep harmful bacteria in check and they produce nutrients that are designed specifically to feed the healthy microbes. In other words, they create a healthy environment in our gut where the good guys can flourish and do their job while the bad guys are being eliminated and held in check.
  • They produce nutrients in the gut. B vitamins are produced by bacillus species. As you know those are important for the nervous system as well as key methylation functions. Vitamin K2 is also produced by gut bacteria which is important for heart and artery health but mostly used by the bacteria themselves.
  • They produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) which are very important to keep the gut healthy. They dampen inflammation and prevent leaky gut.

Megaspore is the first probiotic that includes 5 critical Bacillus species in spore form.

As we just learned Bacillus species live as spores in the environment and come out of the spore form in the GI tract.

The improvement in health, gut function, even behavioral changes of children, elimination of allergies we see in people using Megaspore is remarkable.

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