Carotid artery ultrasound after the car accident



This is one of the pictures taken via an ultrasound a couple of days after my car accident.
The report says that I do not have any plaque in the right carotid artery and hardly any, in fact just  one tiny spot in the left carotid artery.
I am now 57 years young & I eat a lot of fat.
I mention this because aren’t we told that we need to eat a low fat diet otherwise we get arteriosclerosis?What fats do I eat?

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil  (not the store bought “stuff” that is diluted with canola or seed oil).I buy it directly from a olive oil producer in North Carolina. It is cold pressed and extra virgin.)
  • Grass fed butter
  • Grass fed beef with the fat
  • Avocados
I do not eat any of the unhealthy fats:
Vegetable oils derived from soy, canola, and corn
Animal fats not derived from healthy animals which are grass fed
If we take a look at Canola oil for example. 90% is made from GMO crops which are linked to health problems.
Margarines cause health problems.
All fats that undergo a process with high heat and toxic chemicals will produce free radicals in the body and therefore oxidative stress.

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