Car Accident

Friday the 12th June in the afternoon I was involved in an unnecessary car accident as a passenger.

My son and I went to Crown Ford in Fayetteville, NC to look at the car he had his eyes on. Since it wasn’t serviced, the sales person drove us with a brand new car from one lot to the other across the street. It was 90 F outside so I was happy to sit in the car with the A/C on high.

On our way back to the used car lot, the street and our view to the right hand side lane, was blocked with a big truck.

In spite of that the salesperson, Trent L. Taylor, drove around the back of the truck and stopped at the middle line.

We couldn’t see to the right because of the truck still standing there.

At that point I heard the engine making a sound like the driver was flooring the gas pedal. I looked instinctively to the right when we were propelled forward ending up in the middle of the other lane. At this point I saw a black pickup truck flying at me and slamming into the passenger door where I was sitting.

Our car jumped to the left, the side airbag hit my face and I woke up being slumped over to the left with my head almost on the drivers arm.

I saw white smoke in front of my face and panic stricken I screamed “get me out of here” .

Later on I realized the white smoke was white dust from the airbag.

I tried to open the door which didn’t work, when I saw my son standing next to the car also trying to open it. Adrenalin rushing through my body I used both feet to push the door open while my son pulled from the outside.

I got out and didn’t even forget to take my purse with me. Isn’t that funny?

At that point I realized that several people stood next to the car having watched us struggling with the door. Somebody called the ambulance and we were transported to the hospital for assessment.

car accident

The only injury visible at that time was a big red spot on my lower leg and my lower back was hurting. In the ER they x-rayed both areas and 5 hrs later they sent me home with an ice pack and instructions on how to use it and which symptoms I should look out for in the upcoming days.

Two days later I went to the nearest urgent care with extreme dizziness, nausea, pain from head to toe, bruises on my arms, both knees, and right leg. They sent me to another ER where I got a cat scan (finally), which did not show any bleeding. They did an ultrasound of the carotid arteries which did not show any plaque what so ever. Well, they didn’t really look for plaque; they were looking for some kind of damage from the airbag. BUT, no plaque, at my age of 57? I am supposed to have plaque and be on cholesterol lowering medication, right? Here is the evidence 🙂      

I couldn’t help tell the doctor that I basically live on fat, eating grass fed butter, bacon, grass fed beef with fat, coconut oil and olive oil.

They also x-rayed my knee which was “only” bruised.

Again I was sent home with the instructions to rest, use ice and a prescription for Tylenol for the inflammation. Needless to say that I didn’t take Tylenol because it reduces glutathione, the most powerful antioxidant the body produces in the liver, by up to 90% and damages the liver.

Instead I used high doses of turmeric and boswellia and added even more fat to my diet in addition to other strong pain killers.

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