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Thyroid Health
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Thyroid problems, such as hypothyroidism or an autoimmune thyroid condition, are never just the result of one or two causal factors; they stem from a number of different causes.

Therefore, in order to overcome thyroid issues, a complex approach is necessary.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis in 2009 and developed multiple health issues which left me unable to care for myself. All of this changed when I started looking at underlying causes as to why my immune system and my adrenal glands were overactive.

Could this be the real cause of your hypothyroidism?

So, you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, you may be on thyroid replacement hormones and still have symptoms such as:  Brain fog, Brittle nails, Blood sugar dysregulation, Constipation

Why are antidepressants prescribed for Thyroid patients?  I have personally received several prescriptions for antidepressant and pain killer (which ended up in the trash can) from my endo and family doctor because they thought I needed it for the rest of my life. At the time, I was suffering from extreme muscle pain and felt depressed. Of course, I felt depressed because I was in pain. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis, with the only treatment option of thyroid replacement hormones. Nobody checked my neurotransmitter, gut or adrenal function.
What You Should Know about Pyroluria, Anxiety, and Mood Swings  What exactly is Pyroluria? Well, Pyroluria which is also called Kryptopyroluria or Pyrrole disorder, is a by-products of hemoglobin synthesis. Pyroluria is a condition whereby more than the normal amount of Pyrrole molecules are produced. Pyrroles are excreted through the urine, which makes testing for Pyroluria very easy. There are some symptoms of Pyroluria you may want to look at and these include:   Depression, Anxiety, Mood swings
The appearance of pimples, blackheads, and cystic acne is considered “normal” during the teenage years. We all suffered from those awkward moments with ugly pimples, more or less. But what if we are grown ups and inflamed pimples suddenly appear on our face, or any part of the body with hair growth?

Gut Health
Lеаkу gut syndrome, also called Increased Gut Permeability, a diѕоrdеr саuѕеd by thе increased lеаkinеѕѕ оf intеѕtinаl mucosal mеmbrаnе, can have ѕоmе serious consequences if lеft unattended. Physicians think that treatment орtiоnѕ аrе diverse and limited in efficiency. They also think that there is ѕtill ѕоmе advantage tо соntrоlling or mаnаging thiѕ gаѕtrоintеѕtinаl problem whеn it comes tо рrеvеnting complications lаtеr оn.
What sticks out are the words “limited efficiency” and ...
Re-Seeding the Gut               The hypothesis of the probiotic industry is that we can re-seed the gut with the good bacteria. They use the same model as we would re-seed a bare spot in our lawn. You take a few grass seeds, sprinkle it on the dirt, water, fertilize and it grows back to a full lush lawn. Taking probiotics orally with factory grown strains of bacteria to re-seed the gut is simply NOT possible.
WE ARE MORE BACTERIA THAN HUMAN!                  10 trillion human cells vs 100 trillion bacteria cells. There are over 1000 different species of commensal organisms in the GI tract out of 35,000 possible. Bacterial genes out number human genes 150 to 1 ( 25,000 human genes vs. 3.3 million microbial genes) No two individuals have the exact same composition – not even twins. Species level vast difference Disease is associated with a disruption to the ecology of the GI tract such as Crohn’s disease, IBS, 
Can you free yourself of Candida?              Candida overgrowth is not recognized as a real health issue; therefore, most physicians don’t test for it. However, you are experiencing symptoms such as: Bloating Brain fog, difficulty concentrating and/or focusing Fatigue, tired all the time Sugar cravings
Food Sensitivities                 Food sensitivities can lead to a lot of symptoms. Often times they are not being associated with problems with foods and the immune system. Take migraines, headaches, skin rashes for example. The food sensitivity test I offer is called MRT which stands for Mediator Release Test. This is not an antibody test. Food and food-chemical sensitivities are an important source of inflammation and
Weight Gain - Weight Loss - Gut Bacteria                    Obesity can cause major health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Now, the question is how much do lifestyle, diet and the microbiome (gut bacteria) play a role in this? Scientists have found that gut bacteria play a key role in digestion and fat absorption, even in the amount of calories one absorbs from food. That is why some people can eat whatever they want and how much they want and never really gain weight while others eat a restricted diet and still gain weight.
This has been a year of learning experiences. I have gone to several doctors over the years. And each time I have come away frustrated with all of them. They don’t listen or they hear what they want. I have listened to their advice and stuck with it for years. I was on BP meds, two diabetic medications, and Cholesterol meds. when I met Linda. Linda told me things no one had ever mentioned before. She told me that from the test results I gave her that I was probably sensitive to Gluten and had leaky gut issues. She worked up a protocol and supplements for me. I changed my diet with Linda’s help and the results were incredible. I have lost over 50 pounds but, more important than that is I feel so much better. My children have only known me as a large (size 20-22) person. They are getting used to the new and happier (size 10) person I am now. I am off both diabetic meds and cholesterol meds. My BP meds have been lowered. Linda is very caring, listens to you and answers all your questions. She is diligent when giving you advise. She is a wealth if information. My suggestion for everyone is to listen to Linda’s suggestions and advise, and as the saying goes “Just do it.” Thank you so much Linda.
Methylation                    So what is methylation?It is a biochemical process which takes place continuously in every cell of the body. It is not one reaction but over one hundred reactions that occur in every cell of the body all the time. Imagine methylation cycles as seen in Fig. A as wheels spinning with the help of methyl groups to drive the cycles. These methyl groups are being transferred (donated) from one chemical to 
Methylation II    Now that we know from my previous article what methylation is and which factors can help normal methylation function, the question arises: is it really necessary to spent money on a gene test? Yes and No.
Adrenal Issues
Stop Calling it Adrenal Fatigue. Call it HPA-Axis Dysfunction             Do you feel tired during the day and wired at night? Aren’t most of your friends and acquaintances complaining about being exhausted? Do you assume that this may be the norm? I can tell you that it may be common for a lot of people to be tired most of the time but it is not normal.


Let’s face it, menopause is no laughing matter. I know firsthand how hot flashes feel like. Difficulty concentrating, feeling like I want to crawl out of my skin, dressing in layers and waking up drenched in sweat at night and the like are all part of symptoms of menopause. Often, physicians and gynecologists prescribe estrogen replacement as part of measures

Stress  Raise your hand if you don’t have any stress in your life. Stress becomes a problem when we don’t handle it correct. What is stress? There are outside stressors like financial worries, driving to and from work, and inside stressors like candida overgrowth or parasites. What happens when we are under stress? Fear and anger builds up, we have trouble sleeping and need our coffee in the morning to get going. Over time we notice

Toxins In Personal Care Products & The Environment

Toxins are present in the environment, drinking water, food, food containers and maybe cleaning products. Toxins can also be found in chemical ingredients that are used in personal care products. Care products we use every day such as shampoo, conditioner, hair styling products, body lotion, make up, foundation, facial creams, perfumes, and

I was suffering from chronic cystic acne around my chin before working with Linda. I would try and keep a food journal to try and figure out what I was eating that was causing this debilitating condition. The problem is that food sensitivities can show up 72 hours later, and it was too hard to figure out which food item it was. I finally decided to just work with Linda and take the MRT test. I had enough of guessing what foods were causing the cystic acne. When I got the results back, I was surprised about the items I tested sensitive to. I simply removed all those items from my diet, and my face got to its clearest in years within three weeks! No more painful nodules on my face! I’ve noticed that if I eat items from my list, I can feel a reaction on my face coming, so I know the test is accurate. I just stop eating those items, and my face clears again. I highly recommend working with Linda. She is very attentive to detail, and is committed to you having the best results for your condition related to diet. I only wish I did this earlier.
Fibrenza: What are Systemic Enzymes or Proteolytic Enzymes?   Systemic enzymes can be taken without food. They enter the blood and tissues throughout the body where they help in healing processes. Systemic enzymes are also called proteolytic enzymes. Proteolytic means protein eating. Some people react positively to some enzymes while others are not. This is simply because we are all different. We have different blood types, metabolism, and pH ranges. Those have a huge impact while some people tend to utilize plant based enzymes over animal based and vice versa. That is the reason why Fibrenza contains the most potent enzymes from both sources (plant and animal) and no other enzyme product does this.


is actually a positive reaction of the body. In the case of injuries the acute inflammation helps to protect damaged regions and starts the repair.

Vitamin K2

The health benefits of vitamin K2 for the heart, brain, bone and endocrine system can’t be under estimated. Vitamin K is a lipid-soluble vitamin that was first identified by Henrik Dam in 1929 for its anti-hemorrhagic activities.

Type II Diabetes    is a metabolic disorder not just insulin resistance. You may think that the pancreas is not producing enough insulin if someone develops type II diabetes, but in fact it actually produces too much insulin in most of the cases. If you have some of the following symptoms, you may want to check your blood sugar levels.               Overweight, High blood sugar in the morning, all day, or just after a meal, Peripheral nerve problems, Blurry vision

Liver Detoxification

The term Detoxification is used a lot nowadays. Most people think that they can drink a “detox shake” for one or two weeks and “detox” their body. It’s not that simple!                 LET ME CLARIFY SOMETHING FIRST, DETOXIFICATION TAKES PLACE ON A CELLULAR LEVEL, IN ALL CELLS IN THE BODY, ALL THE TIME.

Hidden dangers to our health

For years we’ve seen cholesterol and fat as enemies to our health. Research scientist Stephanie Seneff makes it clear that we’ve been looking in the wrong direction.
Watch the video on Cholesterol by Dr. Jonny Bowden

When you measure Cholesterol you need to measure HDL (high-density lipoprotein), LDL (low-density lipoprotein), and LDL particles.
There are two kinds of LDL particles, large one and small one.
Elfriede, Germany
I’m so happy to report that the inflammation in my knee is gone and I am able to walk without a cane. Linda recommended to get off gluten and gave me the right kind of supplements. I am 88 years old and not being dependent on a cane is the best thing that happened to me in a long time. I have more energy, can think better, can clean my apartment and cook my own meals.