Berkey Water Filters


 Berkey Water Filter

How affordable is it to own a Berkey filter?

You can easily calculate how often you have to change the Black Berkey filters.

Here is the Preferred Method

  1. Take the number of Black Berkey filtering elements in your system and multiply it  by 3,000. This number will be the (Total Life) in gallons.
  2. Estimate the average amount of water you filter through your Berkey per day. This number will be the (Total Use) in gallons.
  3. Then simply divide the (Total Life) by the (Total Use). This number represents how many days your filter will effectively treat your water before needing to replace them.
  4. As a reminder, with a permanent marker write the date that you calculated the need for Berkey replacement filters on the bottom of your unit..

Example: If you have a 2 filter Big Berkey and your used 4 gallons of water per day.  You would multiply 2 (#of filters) by 3000 = 6000 (Total Life), then divide 6000 by 4 (total use) = 1500 days the filters will last,                                            That’s a little over 4 years!

Lets calculate!

4 Gallon bottled water = $4 (if you get the cheapest kind)

4 Gallon bottled water per day for 4 years, you’ll spend  $5840           

The Berkey Travel Filter filters 6000 Gallon of  water for 0.038 cents per Gallon.

4 Gallon Berkey filtered water per day = $0.153

4 Gallon Berkey filtered water for 365 days = $56   X 4 years = $224

Savings $5616 in 4 years by a 4 Gallon water consumption per day