Bake Whole Grain Sourdough Bread

I’ll teach you

- how to make your own Sourdough,

- take care of it to keep it forever and

- through illustrated Step-by-Step approach I show you how to bake

  Delicious, Rustic, Flavorful German Style Breads with it

Breads that anyone can bake - the beginner, the busy person and children

It all starts with Sourdough

Sourdough is a leavening agent. It helps your digestive system and changes the flavor of the bread you bake with it.

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Book Sourdough Cover 2

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16 Single Loaf Bread Recipes

10 Multi-Loaf Bread Recipes

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What is the difference between American & German Bread?



Storing your Bread

Freezing your Bread

Defrosting your Bread

Sourdough Bread

Storing your Bread

Freezing your Bread

Defrosting your Bread


What is Sourdough?

Sourdough is a leavening agent

Sourdough helps your digestive system

Sourdough changes the flavor of the bread

Sourdough is a preservative

Sourdough – Home Made

Test it! Is it Sourdough?

What is a warm Place?

How to take care of Sourdough

Feed Me!

Sourdough has several stages

Bread Baking - the Principle

Making a Sponge

The Kneading Process

Spices and Herbs: Different Kinds, Different Breads

Different Bread Shapes


Basic Wheat Bread

Wheat Bread with Seeds

Wheat – Milk – Bread (slightly sweet)

Buttermilk – Grain Bread

3 – Grain Bread

More Recipes

Farmers Bread

Rye – Wheat 50/50

Ezekiel Bread

White Wheat Baguette

Garlic Baguette

Onion Baguette

Raisin Bread

Raisin – Chocolate Chips Bread

Müsli Bread

Recipes for the busy Person, Bread Dough Mixer

Basic Wheat Breads – Four Loaves

Sunflower Seed Bread – Four Loaves

Multigrain Bread– Four Loaves

One Dough Two different kind of Bread

Basic Wheat Bread Two Loaves / Sunflower Seed Bread Two Loaves

Raisin Bread – Two Loaves

Raisin – Chocolate Chips Bread / Two Loaves

Müsli Bread – Two Loaves
Mix it by hand or in a mixer
Bread is made with Flour, Water, Sourdough, Salt & a tiny amount of Yeast

You can add Sunflowers, Raisins, Flax Seeds, Onions to bake delicious breads that will make your mouth water
Bake your own bread and you know that you used healthy ingredients

Save money by baking your own bread

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Bake Whole Grain Sourdough Bread PDF
Community Oven
My grandmother baked rye bread without yeast.

This was at a time when the women of the town gathered at the “community oven”, the “Backes”, on Saturday mornings, to bake bread and cake.

It was a little building with a big wood fired oven, like a pizza oven.
Check out the beautiful breads you can bake with the recipes in this book

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