Step-by-Step Programs to Find The Root Causes Of Your Symptoms from the Autoimmune Disease Hashimoto Thyroidism

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Your body lets you know that it needs attention when you experience Symptoms & Pain.

Therefore, testing is the best way to find underlying causes of symptoms. In addition, assessing your lifestyle and reduce the negative influence on your body will help in it's quest to heal itself. Right now you have the opportunity to reduce stress on your body.

Furthermore, only when test results and lifestyle assessments are interpreted together is it possible to find out what the body needs.

Because every body is different and reacts differently to internal and/or external stress and to food and supplements, it is important for me to use individualized protocol recommendations. I use the information my client provides in addition to the functional test results to create stress reduction and supplement recommendations.
What are you suffering from?

Digestive Issues?

Gas / Bloating, Diarrhea, Constipation, Acid reflux, Food sensitivites

Hormonal Problems?

Hot flashes, Night flashes, Insomnia, Tiredness in the mornings, Need a nap in the afternoon

Autoimmune disease - Hashimoto Thyroiditis?

Weight gain, Constipation, Hair loss, Feeling Hyper, Thyroid area is hurting, Getting the flu often

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Give the body what it needs to reverse symptoms

Find out what your body is missing or has too much off with hormone tests, pathogen tests, blood analysis and many more.

Simple blood tests CBC

can give us a lot of information on the activity of the immune system, on hydration and liver function. You can use the blood work your physician ordered or order your own online.

Other more specialized tests

Hormone test: gives us information on the circadian rhythm, on single hormone metabolite levels, on estrogen dominance and even melatonin status

In case of Digestive issues

you may want to check for pathogens such as bacterial overgrowth and parasites.

In the case of Autoimmune diseases

such as Hashimoto Thyroiditis, the immune system is attacking the bodies own tissue. Therefore it is imperative to calm down the immune system. This can be done by eating a whole food diet and leaving out foods that harm the gut lining and cause inflammation such as gluten. Finding more triggers that stimulates your immune system, such as virus infections, heavy metals etc. is very important


can be very helpful. Herbs that help heal the gut, otheres support the adrenal glands, or kill pathogens have been proven to be very helpful.

Stress Reduction

is very important to support the body in it's quest to heal itself. Internal stress such as parasites, high blood sugar or External stress such as not enough sleep, long work hours, or emotional stress etc....
Holistic Health Building Programs
with an Individualized Approach
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
Minerals are important for the body to function properly
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
Functional ranges are narrow, lab ranges are derived from sick people
What is FDN?
FDN is a kind of detective work to find underlying causes of symptoms
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Hair tissue mineral analysis
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Statistics of people suffering
Information, Prevention, & Functional medical approaches are the key to change those numbers
of adults in the USA are obese
of those with thyroid disease are unaware of their condition
of Americans now have at least one chronic health condition, mental disorder or substance-abuse issues
of the population – have
at least one chronic disease
according to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention
according to the American Thyroid Association
according to ScienceDaily
according to Partnership to fight Chronic Disease
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