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Welcome to my site. My name is Linda Wilbert - Stewart, I am a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner that helps women and men

  • reduce Electromagnetic Frequency (EMFs) exposure and
  • restore gut health

as the most important steps to start taking control of their health. EMF exposure and digestive issues cause many symptoms such as brain fog, skin rashes, depression, fatigue and hormone diruption. I work online and encourage you to check out my Youtube channel Exclusively Holistic and my Blog. In both you can find many helpful tips how to reduce the stressors in your life. Learn more about me here.

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Gut Health & ElectroMagnetic Frequency Protection

Gut Health

Our gut lining & the microbiome is being destroyed by Herbicides, Pesticides, Genetically modified food, Sugar, Antibiotics and EMFs. As a result the immune system will be compromised. The system that should keep us healthy, that detects threats from the outside world, which is your first line of defense, is slowly being destroyed.


Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) cause inflammation, an increase in free radicals and lower energy production. It is important that we reduce or even eliminate as much of the harmful EMF exposure as possible. You like your cellphone? I do too but there is a saver way to use it. The same is true for the laptop or computer, baby monitor, and the placement of the router.

My Youtube Videos

If you like to watch videos go to my Youtube channel to see for yourself how high the EMF exposure from a cellphone, router, ungrounded laptop is. Even coffee machines emit magnetic fields, as do all electric cables and lamps. Learn what you can do to protect yourself from high EMF levels.

Unexplained symptoms could be caused by a lack of beneficial gut bacteria and leaky gut. The harmful biological effects of EMFs are most of the time overlooked.
Only when we combine gut health and EMF reduction our body has a chance to start healing itself. Learn how you can restore gut health and reduce EMFs at home.

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The health effects of EMF radiation is on everyone’s mind these days.
But the “good news” is that there IS something you can do about it.
By changing just a few key habits around HOW you use your tech, you can dramatically reduce your EMF exposure and minimize these health risks for you and your family.
And this simple course shows you exactly how:

EMF Quickstart: Step-By-Step EMF Protection Course
Debbie, NC
I would like to send some praise out for the healing that Megasporebiotic did in saving me from the horrible infection called C. Diff. I followed all of the doctors directions and took all of the expensive medications several times. Nothing worked that they gave me. Then I was told that I needed a fecal transplant and would have to pay for 3/4th of it up front before I could have it. I prayed and cried out to God for help. I was already looking up everything that I could find on healing naturally. I just happened to come across Linda Wilbert Stewart on Facebook. I looked at every single one of her posts. I commented on one post asking if there was any thing natural to eliminate the infection C. Diff. To my surprise she said yes ! I was like..Oh Thank you Lord !! Even more to my surprise.she did not live that far away from me. She told me about Megasporebiotic ( A Miracle) . I bought 3 bottles. She came to my house and we discussed my health and diet. She also told me to start Saccharomyces Boulardii + MOS and add Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth to my food. I did this faithfully with every meal. I slowly started to heal. When I ran out I thought I wouldn’t need them anymore. But after being sick with C. Diff for over a year there had been a lot of damage done to my gut. So I called her back and ordered more. I am now on just a maintenance dose of once a day. Linda is extremely knowledgable and very trustworthy. I feel like Megaspore and her advice is what healed me. My doctor was thrilled with what I was taking and that it worked. For any of you that are suffering with C.Diff ( And I do mean Suffering) there is hope and Linda can guide you through this. I have been well now over a year! Most people seem to get it back very easily because C.Diff destroys your immune system. If you take meds for Reflux ..then get off of them and just take 2 to 4 ounces of Aloe Vera juice on an empty stomach and before meals. PPI meds is part of what destroys out gut immune. God bless Megasporebiotic and God bless Linda Wilbert Stewart !! Thank you Linda you are a God send !