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What does it take to get to the root cause instead of masking symptoms?

Symptoms and pain are the bodies method of letting you know that something is not right, not working properly, needs attention.

The problem is that symptoms do not tell you the cause or causes of the health problem. For example, a headache could be caused by dehydration, too much sun exposure, or food sensitivities.

The best way to find out what causes your symptoms is to dig deeper, to use functional tests to find the Root Causes.

In addition, your lifestyle, the food you eat, sleep hygiene, water intake, emotional stress, physical stress, chemical stress, all need to be evaluated.

Only when test results and lifestyle assessments are interpreted together is it possible to find out what the body needs and how to support the body in it’s quest to heal itself.

Every Body is different, reacts different to internal and/or external stress, to food and supplements. Therefore it is important for me to use individualized protocol recommendations based on the information my client provides in addition to the functional test results.

Are you suffering from

Digestive issues

Hormone imbalances

Elevated blood sugar levels

were you diagnosed with an

Autoimmune disease?

I engage each client in a health building process by using Potent, Proven, Professional Protocols which include Stress Reduction, Lifestyle Changes, Healthy Foods, Herbal Remedies, and Supplementation.

Most clients have no idea what is causing their health complaints. Functional Diagnostic is a kind of health detective work which identifies malfunctions at the causal level and engage the clients in a healing process to Rebuild, Repair, or Restore normal function to ones cells, organs or systems. It takes time, you didn’t get sick over night either.
Balancing body chemistry, Detoxification, Improving Digestion and Assimilation, and Immune boosting, each comes with challenges that require persistence and possible course corrections. more…



Owner of Exclusively Holistic:

Linda Wilbert – Stewart, FDN-Practitioner, HHP, HC

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